My Music Obsession…. 

Greetings folks! Another episode of “Dee ain’t talkin bout ish”….and on today’s agenda is how crazy I am about music and how it affects my life choices….

Music is my #1 love after family and cheese grits. I LOVE MUSIC! I can’t live without it. At my funeral I want nothin but Nas, Wu Tang, Teedra Moses, MJB, Beyonce, Faith Evans and Mariah Carey playing. I want  ”Just Fine” by MJB playin when they put me in the ground and I want people crying like maniacs cause they gone miss me soooooooooo much! But anyway so yea…my obsession with music has ruined a couple good potential relationships too. How bout…

I found me a nice fella last yr. Cute, good job, well spoken and funny…met most of my mental requirements. But- he wasn’t a wu tang fan, liked Jay-z more than Nas, and worst of all he totally wasn’t feeling DMX’s first album. I was appalled…but I still tried to make the best of it. HOWEVER when ur riding in a car and dude is playin Slim Thug…there’s a problem. First off I only know slim thug from that beyonce check on it video. Thats #1 but more importantly if we’re driving from Bmore to DC…thats a 1 hour drive. Through that whole drive I had to hear a HOST of southern music that I didn’t understand 1 word of, didnt know who those people were and aye I just aint like it. Period, point blank. So although everything else was cool…yo. How could you NOT LIKE DMX’s FIRST ALBUM!??!??! Dame Grease on the beats…like WTF?? Yea…I couldnt stop thinkin bout it. He’d be talkin bout random crap like his day at work and I’m thinkin how much of a lame he is for not wanting to listen to the purple tape wit me. IDGAF if it’s 10 yrs later…it’s what I like. So….that was that. I didn’t even bother with the whole ‘its not u, its me’ thing. I just deleted his ass off my FB and didn’t answer another text or call from him. It’s the new age…no need to rack my brain tryna figure out how to tell someone it aint workin out. Just cut them the hell off, the end.

Even with friendships…if u dont like the music I like, we really can’t be that close as far as friendship is concerned. Oh, yea I know that sounds stupid and petty. But guess what…I don’t give a damn. I’m the one controlling who I am friends with or not. I make that choice sooooo I choose not to chill wit folks who can’t appreciate a good ole Rock the Bells concert. My bestie wasn’t a rap fan at ALL but she was an r&b fan so it evened itself out. Cause guess what…im OBSESSEDDD with R&B music too! SWV and 702…got the best background vocals. Did you know that? If not- we prolly cant be friends. Stuff like that is important to me. And I’m old, so I like stuff that was out late 90’s, early 2000’s.. and if you dont like that…yup u guessed it— i dont give a damn! I like what I like man. 

I done got in heated ass arguments over music. Who’s the best MC? Shit…u know my answer. Top 5? And Nas ain’t in it? We beefin. U say Mary J Blige can’t sing? We beefin. Wu Tang aint top 5 greatest hip hop group ever? Beef. Mariah ain’t one of the top writers and arrangers in music history? U have no idea what u speak on and there’s nothing else for us to talk about. Havoc don’t got BARS?!?! #BEEFBEEFBEEF!!  

Dont get me started on writing and arranging either. Lawd. We’ll be here all day. Mozart Concerto in D Major aint the greatest classical piece for flute ever ever ever? Get off my Tumblr…go somewhere else, damnit!

So…moral of this story. I love music. It’s my boo.

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